In the field of river and sea freight forwarding, expanding the geographical presence is the key to a sustainable and efficient development of the company. 

Today, Ark Shipping Company has built transport links throughout the European part of Russia. River and sea freights are forwarded via the inland waterways of the Russian Federation, as well as the waters of the Baltic, Northern, White, Caspian, Black, and Azov Seas. 

More than half of the river transport turnover takes place in the Volga-Kama basin, the country's most important waterway connected by a system of canals to the Don, Neva, Northern Dvina Rivers, and the White Sea. The Volga-Kama basin is the main part of the unified deep-water system of the modern part of Russia located on the East European Plain. The major river ports are found here: St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, Northern, Southern and Western in Moscow, Kazan, Samara, Volgograd, and Astrakhan. 

Our company provides transportation without additional transshipment in ports. The ship can go directly to the destination, which reduces travel time and the entire delivery chain. 

The company's fleet complies with the highest technical requirements, is equipped with a new navigation system and all necessary devices, which allows us to carry any type of cargo – from bulk to large-sized, heavy cargos requiring towing. 

Own fleet is constantly upgraded and consists of general cargo vessels, barges, tugs, support vessels of various types. With their help, we can tow various objects, including drilling platforms, foreign facilities, transport large equipment and other cargo. 

Fleet functionality is a competitive advantage of our organization, which is able to offer the customers both one-time shipment and constant cargo transportation taking into account its characteristics and technical preparedness of berths and ports within long-term contractual relations. 

Ark Shipping Company performs direct shipments and delivers general, groupage, and additional cargo. Depending on how complex the client’s task is, the team individually develops routes with a non-standard transportation schedule. 

The company is actively involved in projects of national importance. The development of oil and gas fields may be jeopardized if it lacks reliable and uninterrupted logistic scheme of cargo delivery to the sites: metal structures, construction materials, equipment, and products. Ark Shipping Company has achieved significant results in this area. 

Our technology of cargo delivery in the navigation period is perfected up to a minute, which ensures high-quality communication between ports and excludes cargo transshipment from river to sea vessels. 

Carrying out activities in Russia, the company contributes to the economic and social welfare of the country, the integrated development of the regions where it operates. 

We are planning to continue developing the most complex routes for the delivery of goods, as well as accelerating the rate of cargo handling.