Ark Shipping Company is a large Russian business structure performing river and sea transportation. The organization has been successfully operating in the transport and logistics market since 1992. The key cargo transportation routes run through the basins of the Neva, Volga, Oka, Don Rivers, the Caspian, Black, and Azov Seas, as well as the Gulf of Finland and the seas of the Arctic Ocean. 

Years of experience in managing and planning the transportation of heavy and oversized cargo allow us to quickly adapt to any changes in the industry, ensure customized approach to each cargo owner, and select the optimal solutions for the customers. 


The company has a powerful fleet consisting of support vessels, tugs, and barges. By 2018, they performed more than 1,000 tows. 

The fleet is maintained and supplies are refilled at the own repair and maintenance yards in Astrakhan. Hereto, a number of services are offered: repair of hulls, engines, and mechanisms; testing of rescue equipment; provision of spare parts, lubricants, and consumables; presentation of the vessel to the classification society for examination. 

Organization in management and logistics allows us to transport cargo by sea without entering the intermediate ports, which shortens the entire delivery cycle. 

Ark Shipping Company has extensive experience in the integrated management of shipbuilding projects: from the ship design development to its commissioning. 


The main value of the company is the team. Competence and commitment of specialists help to deliver cargo all over the world every day, just in time. 

Technology and safety 

The company is actively expanding its IT infrastructure, introducing modern navigation and communication technologies that guarantee safe and high-quality transportation. Through the satellite communication system, each customer at any time can track the vessel’s location and monitor the progress of work. 

Ecology and environment 

The organization follows environmental management standards for its core business. Through innovations in engineering, the shipping company manages to save the environment and climate from negative impacts. 

Service quality 

Acting for the benefit and interests of the customer is the main rule of Ark Shipping Company. Strict control at each stage of the workflow ensures coordination, efficiency, and readiness to immediately respond to customer’s requirements, which guarantees performance of contractual obligations at a high level. 


In the situation of active competition, seasonality of navigation, and changeable conditions, the company confirms its status of a stable and reliable market player with a clear vision of the industry. The extensive experience of the shipping organization is evidenced by licenses and certificates, including those for the transport of dangerous goods. 


The creation of a modern fleet in Russia is a global goal for Ark Shipping Company countrywide. Following the mission, the organization is involved in scientific and engineering research. Every year, the company improves the quality of service by introducing a new generation of resource-saving and environmentally friendly technologies, and increases the volume of freight traffic. The company plans to access new dynamic markets of the maritime industry. 

Clients and partners 

The company builds business relations with leading domestic and foreign enterprises, forms a pool of partners for mutually beneficial cooperation. It actively participates in offshore oil and gas field operations, among which is the Filanovsky Oil Field. Large-scale projects also include joint work with United Shipbuilding Corporation (OSK) on the construction of a new fleet at the Lotos Shipyard in the Astrakhan Region. 

Today, Ark Shipping Company has established itself as a responsible and advanced logistics partner in the organization of multi-factor sea and river transport.