Ark Shipping Company is a large Russian business structure in the river and sea transportation market for more than 30 years. The main areas of activity are transportation by water of oversized and heavy cargo, transportation of general cargo, towing facilities, maintenance of offshore oil and gas fields.

The company has a team of professionals, many years of experience in organizing the delivery of various types of cargo, including the transportation of heavy and oversized cargo and towages (more than 1000 completed projects). The company has a diverse fleet - support vessels, tugs, barges, dry cargo vessels, which allows you to quickly adapt to any changes in the industry, individually approach each Client and select optimal solutions for cargo transportation. The fleet consists of 30 units.

The fleet is maintained and supplies are refilled at the own repair and maintenance yards in Astrakhan. Ark Shipping Company has extensive experience in the integrated management of shipbuilding projects: from the ship design development to its building.

The creation of a modern fleet in Russia is a main goal for Ark Shipping Company. Over the past 10 years, 17 vessels of various designs have been built. The company is included in the "Program of preferential leasing of civil vessels of water transport" according to the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated February 15, 2023 No. 337-R. Within the framework of this program, more than 10 units of vessels will be built for the Company with commissioning in 2024-2025.

In the situation of active competition, seasonality of navigation, and changeable conditions, the company confirms its status of a stable and reliable market player with a clear vision of the industry. The extensive experience of the shipping organization is evidenced by licenses and certificates, including those for the transport of dangerous goods.

In addition to the main transport activities and fleet construction, the Ark Shipping Company has its own engineering and design department and develops projects to justify the transportation of various types of cargo, including non-standard large heavy cargo, as well as towing projects of various types of vessels with approvement by RMRS and others Registers.


Tugs (OT, BTO, RT, MB, Orlan)                                 -   11 units

Support vessels, anchor handlers                           -    6 units

Fast crew boats                                                          -    1 unit

Platform barges                                                         -    11 units

Dry cargo barges with holds, project ARK 100       -    2 units ( in construction up)

Dry cargo vessel, RSD01M Ave.                                 -    1 unit (under modernization)

Dry cargo vessel, RSD 81 Ave.                                   -    4 units (at the contracting stage)

Dry cargo vessel, ARK2023 Ave. (BBC MAX)            -    4 units (at the contracting stage)



Taking into account the changes in cargo flows and the high workload of the Far Eastern transport corridor, the need to implement the  NORTH–SOUTH International Transport Corridor becomes the most urgent to ensure cargo flows from India and China.

For the development of the International Transport Corridor "North –South", a certain number of dry cargo vessels (sea and mixed river-sea navigation) is needed to ensure regular service and tariffs.

The Ark Shipping Company is ready to provide its existing fleet for the transportation of goods through the International Transport Corridor to ensure transportation in the Caspian Sea.

Also in July 2023, two Sea going Dry-cargo barges (ARK-101 and ARK-102) DWT 4500 tn. and a modernized cargo ship (ARKTIDA) DWT 6000 tn. will be put into operation. Purchase and Sale Agreements and Leasing Agreements are concluded for the building and purchase of a dry cargo fleet of more than 10 units (projects RSD81, ARK2023 (Belomor-Baltic canal “BBС” MAX). with the commissioning of the vessels in late 2024 – mid-2025.

Today, Ark Shipping Company has established itself as a responsible and advanced logistics partner in the organization of sea and river transportations.